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Coping During Isolation

This link expands on the topic of muscle relaxation which can be helpful in learning how to cope with panic attacks.

This link explains what cognitive distortions are and how to manage them. It also includes free work sheets. You can skip the history portion and below that are the list of cognitive distortions. During Covid 19 you may want to pay specific attention to all-or-nothing thinking, over-generalization, disqualifying the positive, and magnification.

For some people medication may be necessary to help them cope. Learn more about how medication can help here.

My tips:

Do what you can to stay connected to people. Focus on relationships that are positive and leave you feeling encouraged after you talk. Video and phone calling are great tools to help increase a sense of connection. I've also done video play dates for my kids and it's a great social relief for them as well.

Focus on what is in your control. If you've lost your job then you may be feeling really unstable and like things are out of control. And the truth is that a lot of things are outside your control. However, you can contact your government to find out what supports you can receive during this lock down. Whether it's your own business or you were an employee the government should be providing support to those they have told are not allowed to work.

Incorporate as many positive activities as you can into your day. Trying to make the best out of a difficult situation will help reduce stress and make coping easier. Some days will be harder than others, but allowing yourself to feel even a small amount of positive emotion can provide significant relief.

Rethink your priorities. If the way you are currently coping is causing you a lot of stress then rethink your priorities. It's possible that your expectations are unrealistic, which will add to your stress. If friends aren't returning your calls or texts then it's possible they are too overwhelmed to respond. While under normal circumstances it's polite to respond everyone copes differently. If your regular supports aren't getting back to you then look for online supports.

Find something funny. Watching a comedian or reading a funny book can also help relieve stress. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

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