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About Truth for Choices

Truth for Choices is dedicated to helping people understand how the Bible can make a positive and practical difference in their life. Life has ups and downs and it's important to have something that can provide you with direction no matter what you're facing.

Founder, Liz Millican, found this especially true in her own life. Liz did not turn to Christian belief because she thought it would solve her problems, but because she thought it was based on truth. When we make decisions based on truth then it makes it easier to anticipate the outcome.

Though Liz was raised with a Catholic background she was never taught how Biblical principles related to everyday life. Despite trying her best to make good decisions things always seemed to turn out the wrong way, especially in her dating relationships.

After learning how God's principles applied to daily life, Liz's life was radically changed. She found a sense of purpose and started to enjoy life again. She left behind abusive relationships of the past and started to develop healthy relationships that were centered on a relationship with God.

This dramatic change in her life is what gave Liz the vision to develop Truth for Choices. Many people go through life wondering why they're not getting the results they want. This is why Liz decided to write Real Truth for Real Choices. Her book not only shares stories from her life, but the spiritual principles that changed her circumstances.


When God's principles are applied it changes our lives.  This is why Truth for Choices seeks to work with churches and community organizations to provide insight into how to deal with life's challenges. As awareness of mental health issues grows it is important for everyone to have the tools to respond in positive and helpful ways.

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